Colonel White

The commander of Spectrum was formerly an admiral in the World Navy. His real name is Charles Gray and he was born in London in 2017.

Captain Scarlet

Born in Winchester, England, in 2036, Scarlet's real name is Paul Metcalfe. He rose to the rank of Colonel in the World Army Air Force before joining Spectrum. He was part of the Mars exploration team that first encountered the Mysterons, becoming controlled by them and almost dying before being revived by the Spectrum medical team, having gained the power of retrometabolism.

Captain Blue

Adam Svenson was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2035. He joined Spectrum from the World Aeronautic Society, where he had been a top test pilot before becoming an agent in its security department.

Lieutenant Green

Seymour Griffiths was born in 2041 in Port of Spain, Trinidad. As Spectrum communications officer, he is Colonel White's right-hand man. Previously he had held a similar position in the Marineville Control Tower of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol.

Doctor Fawn

Edward Wilkie was born in Yalumba, Australia, in 2031. He joined Spectrum from the World Medical Association, where he was Administrator for the Advancement of Medicine.

Captain Magenta

Patrick Donahue was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 2034, but grew up in New York. Despite earning a scholarship to Yale University and starting a career as a computer programmer, he slipped into a life of crime. While leading a small, but highly successful, crime syndicate in New York, he was contacted by Spectrum and offered a free pardon to add his unorthodox talents to the team.

Captain Ochre

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 2035, Richard Fraser gained his experience in the World Government Police Corps. An outstanding detective, he turned down the position of Supreme Commander of the WGPC, which attracted the attention of Spectrum.

Captain Grey

Bradley Holden is the real name of this agent, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 2033. He was educated at the World Naval Academy in San Diego, joining the World Navy when he graduated. When the World Aquanaut Security Patrol was formed, he became their first Security Commander and helped to develop Stingray. He was recruited into Spectrum as a field agent.

Captain Brown

Turned into a human bomb by the Mysterons, Captain Brown is killed in the first episode of the series in a failed attempt to kill the World President.

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