Amber Room

The Angels relax between missions in the Amber Room aboard Cloudbase. They are, from left to right, Symphony, Rhapsody, Destiny, Melody and Harmony. There is usually one pilot on duty in the cockpit, ready for take-off, while two others are in uniform on standby in the Amber Room.

Rhapsody Angel

Dianne Simms was born in London, England, in 2043. After studying law and sociology at London University, she joined a firm of solicitors in Manchester. She soon left to pursue her dream of being a pilot, working for Airways Light Freight Agency. When the company went bust, Spectrum gave her the chance to train as an Angel.

Symphony Angel

Born in 2042 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Karen Wainwright graduated from from Yale University to join the Universal Secret Service. After seven years, she left to work for a small air charter company, which is where Spectrum found her. There are rumors of a romantic involvement with Captain Blue!

Destiny Angel

Juliette Pointon was born in Paris, France, in 2040. She joined the World Army Air Force Intelligence Corps after completing her education in Rome, but three years later left to set up her own air freight contracting business.

Harmony Angel

Chan Kwan was born to Chinese parents in Tokyo, Japan in 2042. Holding degrees in physics and aerodynamics, she took over her father's air taxi company. She is a judo black belt and has also set a world record for endurance flying.

Melody Angel

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2043, Magnolia Jones left school early to take up professional auto racing. But her parents frowned on this and sent her to finishing school in Switzerland. She was dismayed at this, until she discovered the curriculum included flying, which soon became a new passion. Afterwards she trained in the World Army Air Force as a pilot. When Spectrum found her, she was running a luxury flying-taxi service.

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