Housing Spectrum's control room, hospital and living quarters, Cloudbase hovers at an altitude of 40,000 feet by means of atomic powered jet engines. Like an aircraft carrier, the deck is a runway from which the Angel aircraft take off.

Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

The SPV is a specialized combat vehicle. For his protection, the driver sits backwards, steering by watching a television monitor. The armor-plated vehicle has a top speed of 200 mph and carries radar, radio and firepower.

Spectrum Patrol Car

Exclusively built for the transport of Spectrum personnel, this car has a top speed of 160 mph.

Maximum Security Vehicle

Massively constructed and completely missile-proof, the MSV has a top speed of 250 mph. It was originally designed by the World Army Air Force to carry four VIP personnel in complete security. It was modified for Spectrum use in 2068.

Angel Aircraft

Flown by a team of five female pilots, The Angel aircraft is a single seater jet strike aircraft with a potential top speed of 3000 mph. They are clamped in v-formation on the Cloudbase runway and automatically released on take-off orders.

Spectrum Passenger Jet

With a crew of two, the SPJ provides fast transport for up to seven Spectrum agents and their equipment. The jet carries no weapons and is escorted on dangerous missions by the Angels.

Spectrum Helicopter

The Spectrum helicopter was designed to provide Spectrum personnel with maximum speed and maneuverability over short distances, including rough terrain. Although they are primarily non-combat craft, they are armed with high-explosive rockets.


Belonging to the World Army Air Force, the Magnacopter is occasionally used by Spectrum to transport larger numbers of passengers. Symphony Angel usually gets the exciting job of piloting this massive craft.

Spectrum Hovercraft

The Spectrum hovercraft is a four-seater all-terrain assault and transport craft used in the desert and across water.

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