Mysteron City

Spectrum's Captain Black discovered the Mysteron City on Mars during a mission aboard a Zero X Martian exploration vehicle in 2068. Mistaking their actions as hostile, he ordered the complete destruction of the complex.

Captain Black

In retaliation for the attack, both Captain Black and Captain Scarlet are taken over by the Mysterons. Scarlet is killed in a failed assassination attempt on the World President, but his Mysteron powers of retrometabolism enable him to return to life free of their control. Meanwhile, Captain Black becomes the Mysterons' agent on Earth.

Mysteron Lunar Base

The Mysterons attempted to construct a new city in a crater on the moon, infiltrating the Earth's Lunarville 7 base to assist.

Crater 101

Captain Scarlet leads a mission with Captain Blue and Lieutenant Green to penetrate the newly discovered Mysteron complex in the moon crater. They must remove the crystal power source before an atomic bomb can be used to destroy the city.

Attack on Cloudbase

Cloudbase comes close to being destroyed by Mysteron flying saucers.

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