Captain Scarlet is a Gerry Anderson production that first aired on British television on September 29, 1967.

Spectrum Agents

Spectrum was set up by the World Government as a special peace-keeping force, but soon evolved into an elite protection agency to counter the deadly menace of the Mysterons. The senior agents within the organization are known by their rank and a color as a code name.

The Angels

Five female pilots make up Spectrum's strike squadron, flying specially designed interceptor aircraft.

Spectrum Equipment

With such an important role in the defense of Earth, Spectrum requires a complete range of special purpose craft and equipment.

The Mysterons

Sworn enemies of Earth, after a mission to Mars mistakenly fires on their complex, the Mysterons have the power to reverse destruction. However, once an object has been recreated, it remains under their control.


The Captain Scarlet series has recently been digitally re-mastered and is being shown again on many television stations worldwide. A whole range of merchandise, including toys and videos, has been introduced to accompany this.

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