Stingray: Personnel
Troy Tempest

Troy SpeaksTroy Tempest

Troy is captain of Stingray. He was born in New York City in 2038 and educated at the World Navy Academy in San Diego. Troy is modeled after James Garner.


Born in South Carolina, George Lee Sheridan took a degree in communications engineering at the WNA in San Diego before joining WASP as a cadet. There his fellow cadets nicknamed him "Phones" due to his skill with the hydrophones sonar equipment.

"Phones" Sheridan
Commander Shore

Commander Shore

Born Samuel Arthur Shore in Kansas in 2015, the gruff-voiced and authoritative commander of the Marineville base is confined to a hoverchair. He was disabled when the submarine he formerly captained was attacked by hostile aircraft.


Atlanta Shore is the daughter of Commander Shore and performs the duties of assistant communications officer in the Marineville control tower. Born in California, she openly confesses her love for Troy.



Modeled after Brigitte Bardot, Marina is the daughter of Aphony, ruler of Pacifica. She too is passionately in love with Troy, who with Phones rescued her from Titan's slavery. While she understands perfectly what is said, her muteness means she has to make herself understood by the expressive use of her hands.


Sub-Lieutenant John Horatio Fisher (seen here with Commander Shore) is Atlanta's relief controller in the Marineville control tower.

Sub-Lieutenant Fisher

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