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Titan SpeaksTitan

230 marine years old, Titan is the arch-nemesis of WASP and Troy Tempest in particular. Titan is modeled after Laurence Olivier.

Titan is the tyrannical ruler of the undersea kingdom of Titanica, which he oversees from his underwater palace.

Marina Held Slave

Troy first meets Marina when he is captured by Titan and taken to Titanica, where she is being held as Titan's personal slave. Together they escape and return to Marineville, where Marina becomes a permanent member of the team.

Powerful as he is, Titan bows down to the giant fish god Teufel, who is kept in a tank in the throne room. Teufel is used to decide the fate of prisoners - those he turns his back on are judged guilty and sentenced to the subterranean prison of Aquatraz.


Titan commands the race of Aquaphibians - green-skinned, scaly-backed creatures who can live in or out of the water. They talk in a strange gurgling language and obey Titan without question. They are also unbelievably stupid.

The Aquaphibians pilot mechanical fish known as Terror Fish, which fire missiles from their gaping mouths.

Terror Fish
Docked Terror Fish

Here we see a Terror Fish docked in Titanica.

Titan's surface agent is X-2-Zero, who is employed to spy on WASP.

Titan with X-2-Zero

Agent X-2-Zero lives at a secret base on the island of Lemoy, a barren rock off the Pacific coast and close to Marineville.

At the touch of a button X-2-Zero's dusty old house is transformed into a high-tech communication center.

X-2-Zero's Control Console
Surface Agent X-2-Zero

X-2-Zero is a master of disguise, yet he always seems to bungle his missions in the end. X-2-Zero is modeled after actor Claude Rains.

Hearing that Marina is to visit her father, Aphony, in Pacifica, Titan sends X-2-Zero to deliver a gift of a beautiful flower in a glass bowl. However, when the cover is removed the flower emits a deadly perfume.

X-2-Zero Visits Pacifica
The Invaders

The Invaders

Tricked into revealing the secrets of the Marineville security systems, Troy and Phones have to outwit the Invaders when they tunnel into the base and capture it from below.

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